What kind of Spanish will you learn?


It is a warm welcome; it is a pleasure to welcome you here at this website which offers you the possibility of learning a correct Spanish with no accent with which you will be able to communicate and understand in any place in every Spanish-speaking country.

What kind of Spanish will you learn?

You will learn the Spanish used in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. It has traditionally been the focus of education in the southwest part of the country. Since the past to the current time Quetzaltenango has become an important University City. (Eight universities in the city.)

During the first quarter of the past Twentieth century, Quetzaltenango has become the center of intellectual life in the Hispanic World. Here takes place many cultural events. It is due to this fact that its motto is the “Cradle of Culture.”

Learn Spanish as a second Language.

There are 21 countries where Spanish is the official language. It is also the second language more used in the world by people who have Spanish as a Mother language. (after mandarin) This is a major reason to want to learn it, without mentioning that in countries like the United States Spanish has become the second most used second language.

Due to these facts, our school, “HABLEMOS ESPANOL,” will be useful to you. We offer our experience and a city that has all the qualities for you to become immersed in the language to acquire a perfect Spanish. It is Quetzaltenango. Quetzaltenango is situated to the west of Guatemala City.

“HABLEMOS ESPANOL” is the best school for you to learn the language because it offers quality programs.

“HABLEMOS ESPAÑOL” offers a familiar environment and an excellent interpersonal relationship among students, teachers and administrators. The technique is one on one.

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