Tuition rates

Tabla de Tarifas


If you want to learn Spanish in our school, please send $50.00 for registration and a $20.00 deposit for each week you will study.


If you want to have an environment to practice and have a wonderful experience practicing and learning Spanish, we have a group of native families from Quetzaltenango with whom you can spend your time while studying in our school. Our families offer not only a private room with hot water and three typical meals from the area, but they also offer a friendly and cozy experience.


1. From Monday through Saturday you will have 3 complete meals each day.
2. From Monday through Sunday you will have your house (bedroom)


If you need help in the airport in Guatemala City to get to Quetzaltenango, we offer help through families that work with us to offer you a secure and effective way to arrive in Quetzaltenango. If your flight arrives late during the day or night, you can spend the night with these families. Otherwise, they will take you to the bus station where a bus will take you directly to Quetzaltenango.

Extra services:

Help and Fees:

1. 40 dollars. This fee includes: someone to meet you in the airport, take you to the bus station, your ticket, and someone who will pick you up in Xela and will transport you to your family.

2. 50 dollars. This fee includes the following services: one person will meet you in the airport, you will spend the night with a family in Guatemala City who will provide you with a dinner and continental breakfast, plus you will be transported to the bus station.

3. 100 dollars. This fee includes a private transport from Guatemala City to Quetzaltenango. Also, you will be dropped off with your guest family.

Note: All the payments must be made in cash or in personal checks in Quetzaltenango.

Síganos en:

(+502) 7761-8350 / (+502) 4645-0272


18 avenida 10-47 zona 1 Quetzaltenango