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Diagrama de Clases

The levels of Spanish we offer are based on the ACTFL of foreign languages used in the United States of North America, created by Karen E. Breiner-Sanders, Elvia Sweder from Georgetown University, American ambassador on the teaching of foreign languages (ACTFL) and Robert M Terry from Richmond University. Such levels are equivalents to DELE used in Europe.

The Spanish as a second language is focused on children, teenagers, adults, students, professionals and retired people who want to study Spanish as a second language.

Levels are as follow:

  • Basic:

The characteristic of this level is to be able to express daily situations used frequently. This includes basic sentences to satisfy immediate necessities.

  • Beginner:

The characteristic of this level is to be able to compose simple paragraphs. This includes basic paragraphs describing past situations and, describing experiences related to immediate necessities. The students will be able to engage in short conversations, and to take part in short conversations describing their daily life. Furthermore, they will be able to write postcards or short letters.

  • Intermediate:

The characteristic of this level is to have the ability to have a conversation about familiar as well as not so familiar situations using present, past and future tenses. The student will be able to read books, write about them, and to be able to write paragraphs about daily life.

  • Advanced:

Students at this level will be able to debate points of views, argue using proper Spanish expressions, as well to understand and hold a telephone conversation. Furthermore, they will be able to comprehend lectures very well.

  • Superior:

Students at this level are fluent and grammatically correct when speaking and writing. The students are also capable of speaking at a conference and are able to translate both oral and written conversations.


  • Spanish for Teachers:

This program is designed for teachers who want to teach Spanish as a second language.

In this program the student will improve in the grammar and structure of the language using methods and techniques utilized in the teaching of the language.

At the same time during the time the student is receiving the lectures, the student will be living with a Guatemalan family. The student will be visiting private and public elementary schools, high schools and bilingual schools where the student will have the opportunity to share with Guatemalan teachers and students as well. This will immerse the student in the facets of the Guatemalan education system.

  • Spanish for doctor and paramedics:

This program is designed for caregivers such as doctors, paramedics and nurses. Hablemos Español offers this program for the students to develop their ability to communicate well in Spanish with their patients. Also, those who go through the program will be able to write or read prescriptions in Spanish. The communication between doctor and patient creates a trusting environment.

The students receive five lecture hours using medical books and dictionaries. This will develop and improve their level of speaking and understanding.

If the students want it is possible to put together lecture and volunteer jobs in public clinics or health departments. The student will be under the supervision of professional staff. The student will be living with a Guatemalan family with which the student will practice and will learn more about the culture.



This preparation is special for bilingual teachers who want to take the Texas Oral Proficiency Test. (TOPT)

Hablemos Español offers five intensive lectures totally in Spanish every day. Our teachers are professional, with many years of experience and patience. The student will improve in the areas of grammar, sentence structure, and vocabulary. The student will have the ability to speak with rhythm, pronunciation and precision in all the levels: beginners, intermediate, advanced and superior.

  • OPI

It is an interview in Spanish to evaluate the oral competency of prospective teacher in Spanish as a second language in the United States, as well as for personnel who want to apply for federal jobs in Latin America. To prepare the student for this, Hablemos Español offers to prepare the student in developing the ability to have an oral telephonic interview. During this time the student will show efficiency and the correct use of the language in daily situations. This practice will increase the student’s confident in a universal way. This preparation can be done in five or four hours.

  • Praxis

It is a test that is mandatory for teachers who want to teach Spanish as a second language in high school in the United States. Hablemos Español offers test preparation for teachers who want to take the test and pass it successfully.

Note 1: You can check our contacts on our website who have already passed this exam successfully after having taken this preparation program in our school.

Note 2: When you pay your extra $20.00 dollars your text book is already included.

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